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Parent Volunteers

Once registered for the season you can go to the Swim Meet and Events page to sign up to volunteer for each meet using the online process.

Parent Volunteers

Our swim team is a parent run team. We will have 3 HOME meets. These meets require the help of every family. Whether you have experience or not with swimming, you MUST sign up for one of the jobs listed below. Parents are required to work at least ½ of each meet. The number in the brackets represents the number of volunteers needed per position. The * represents positions with training required. All parents with at least one year on the team need to attend a training session as well.



Stroke&Turn *(4)

Clerk Of course *(6)

Head Timer * (2)

LaneTimers (18)

Scorer *(2)





Safety Marshall (2)

Setup/Clean up (12)



Training will take place at various pools for a few hours and is free. We would appreciate as many parents as possible taking the training class! During the summer months families are on vacation and missing meets. We will need to have officials at every HOME meet. Please see the schedule below!

Official’s Clinic Times: (Referee, Stroke and Turn Judge, Starter, Clerk ofCourse, Head Timer, Head Scorer)

Training dates and locations


Meet Volunteer Job descriptions:

Announcer: calls events/swimmers to the Clerk of course via microphone (HOME meets only)

Clerk of Course*: Organizes swimmers by event/heat/lane in ready area, then escorts each heat of swimmers from the Clerk of Course to the starting blocks. Also signals to the head timer/referee when each heat is ready to start and works with Runners to keep the meet moving.

Set up/Cleanup: Comes before and stays after meets and puts all equipment away. The more who help, the faster this gets done.

Scorer*: Complies event/meet results in Meet Maestro. See Scorer.

Concessions: Many are needed to work concessions-setup, preparing, buying and selling food and beverages; and cleanup afterwards (HOME meets only)

Head Timer*: Organizes timers for swim meet shifts; hold Timer meeting prior to meet (HOME meets only)

Lane Timers: Uses stopwatch to record each swimmer’s time as accurately as possible.Our stopwatches have two buttons, a start/stop button and a reset button. We use 9 timers per ½, meets cannot be run without Timers (these are the best seats in the house! )

Referee*: Instructs Stroke & Turn Judges before meet begins; makes any decision regarding disputes during the meet. Must know RSL Rules and Regulations and USA rules (HOME meets only)

Ribbons/Awards clerk: Ribbons are awarded at each dual meet; medals and ribbons are awarded at Championships. The Awards clerk puts result labels on the back of ribbons/medals.

Runners: the 2 runners collect Stroke & Turn Judge DQ slips, timer sheets and scratches from Clerk of Course after each heat and deliver them to Scoring, Runners move back and forth behind the starting blocks during the meet (HOME meet only-wear sneakers)

Safety Marshall: The safety marshal walks around the pool deck and bathrooms, etc. To be sure that there are not hazards.

Scorer*: the computer ops-to check and log scores and be responsible for all aspects of scoring at meets.

Circler-checks event cards for average time on cards

Checker rechecks computer sheet for accuracy

Set up/clean up: Very important-We cannot begin the meet until all necessary meet equipment is set up. Need to arrive by 4:40 (HOME meets only)

Starters*: The starter instructs the swimmers and directs them to “take your mark” and starts each race with an electronic starter. The starter controls the pace of the meet. (HOME meets only)

Stroke & Turn *: All stroke & Turn judges must be certified. The Stroke & Turn Judge watches the swimmers’ legality for the event being swum. If the Stroke &Turn judge finds that the swimmer’s stroke is not legal, he/she disqualifies(DQs) the swimmer.

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